PD 1600/3000

Technical data   PD 1600/3000 
Distance between centers mm 3000
Swing diameter above bed mm 1600
Swing diameter above cross slide mm 1200
Diameter of face plate mm 1600
Tool cross section  mm 60x40
Headstock and spindle    
Spindle nose DIN 55026
Spindle  bore mm 210
Spindle diameter at front bearing mm 260
Spindle rpm min1  
Range I min1 0.9-70
Range II min1 1.8-140
Range III min1 4.5-500
Bed and slideways    
Bed width mm 1120
Width of carriage mm 1200
Cross slide travel mm 1000
Electric motor    
Main drive kW 48.5
Motor rpm´s kW 50-3700
Feed rates    
Number of feed rates kW 48
Feed rates longitudinal (Z) mm/rot 0.09-5
Feed rates traversal (X) mm/rot 0.045-2.5
Thread pitches    
Number of pitches   42
Metric threads mm 0.56-128
Withworth pitch/1ʺ 64-0.28
Modul   0.25-32
Quill diameter mm 220
Quill taper Morse ME80
Maximum workpiece weight    
Between centres with one steady kg 16000
Between centres with two steady kg 20000
Unsupported from one end kg 2500
Weight of machine (=3000mm) kg 30000
Maximum togque at faceplate Nm 16000