Machining services

We made machining services and making parts of machine tools based on the drawings of users.


Processing  capacity of “Strugovi Potisje”doo Ada




Portal milling

  • Portal milling machine ,,WMW”   with 2 milling head and one planingshead.

               Length of the worktable  8000 mm, working  area 1200x1200mm;

  • Milling machines with three milling heads:

WMW with worktable of 4ooomm, working area 900 x 900mm;

KOLLMANN MFE 2/B3: worktable of 4000mm, working area 1400 x 1400mm;


 Standard milling machines

  • Universal milling machine UHG ,,Prvomajska”  working area 290x1350x500mm;
  • Universal milling machine VSR2 ,, Rambuldi” working area 300x1200x300mm;
  • Universal –console milling machine GR82G SSSR  working area 32x1250x400mm;
  • Universal –console milling machine GU2 ,,Prvomajska UG1”  working area 300x1250x400mm;
  • Vertical –console milling machine FC 63 H CSSR  working area 630x2500x400mm;
  • Horisontal console milling machine FC 63 H CSSR working area 630x2500x300mm;
  • Universal milling machine MAS working area 300x700x300mm;





Portal grinding

  • ,,WMW” portal grinding machine with worktable of 8000mm, work area: 1000 x 1000mm;
  • ,,FAVRETTO TS400” portal grinding machine of 4000mm, work area 1200 x 1200mm;


Universal and special  grinding machines:


  • Grinding machine for external cylindrical grinding diameter ø630 x 1000mm;
  • Grinding machine for internal cylindrical grinding ,,BRYAND”, working area ø10-406x 400mm; 
  • Grinding machine for internal cylindrical grinding 3A299 SSS working area ø100–400x420mm               
  • Grinding machine for external cylindrical grinding D-15-1700 LŽTK working area ø360x 1000mm;
  • Grinder for universal cylindrical grinding D15U-1700F LŽTK working area ø360x1000mm;
  • Grinding machine CENTERLESS KCH 63 grinding diameter ø3 – ø63;


Surface grinding machines


  • BLOHM  Working area 1200x400mm;


Geargrinding machine


  • REISHAUER  m=1-6mm;  ø330max;


Tool grinding machines




Horisontal drilling-milling machines


  •  Horisontal drilling machine  ,,DIXI”  working area 840x1000x500mm;
  •  Horisontal drilling machine ,,TOS WHN 11” working area 2000x1250x900mm ø 110mm;
  •  Horisontal drilling machine ,,TOS WHN 13”, working area 1800x1400x800mm ø130;


Standard drilling machines

  •  Coordinate drilling machine ,,MP 3K SIP”  working area 400-450-380mm; 
  •  Radial drilling machine ,,MAS VR 8” max drill diameter  ø80, r=2000mm, h=1200mm;
  •  Radial drilling machine ,,CSEPEL RF 31/A”max drill dia. ø60, r=900mm, h=1000mm;
  •  Radial drilling machine ,,POBEDA” max drill dia. ø60, r=1000mm, h=700mm;



  • Universal lathe  ,,POTISJE PA30” swing dia 600 mm, distance between centres 2000mm;
  • Universal lahte  ,,POTISJE PA22” swing dia 450 mm, dist.between centres  1000mm;
  • Universal lathe ,,POTISJE USA225” swing dia 450 mm, dist.between centres  1000mm
  • Vertical lathe  ,,SCHEISS”  working range ø1150x850mm;




  • Milling machine ,,PFAUTER” M6 - ø250;
  • Milling machine ,,PFAUTER” M8 - ø400;
  • Gear Planing machine  ,,DEMM” M6 - ø250 
  • Planing machine for toothed rack ,,DEMM” M6 - 550








  • Equipment for induction hardening;
  • Equipment for rotationally induction hardening ø250;
  • Furnace for heat treatment  300 x 500mm; 1400x400x400mm
Strugovi Potisje Vazcsiszolas
Usluga mašinske obrade
Usluga mašinske obrade
Usluga mašinske obrade
Usluga mašinske obrade
bed and slideways before machining.jpg
bed and slideways after machining.jpg