PA900R (PA-45) Strugovi Potisje

Begin of repair procedure  PA900R, PA-45, PA-50...

Jul 18 2016
PD 1300 2000 CM sold - during the loading

Customer: Unior Slovenia

Jul 12 2016
EEN ended mechanical overhauling - Strugovi Potisje

EEN ended mechanical overhauling

Jul 11 2016
Strugovi Potisje spindle

Development of technological proces of machining and machining of the threaded spindle and its nut with saw type of thrade S180x127 with 4 begining for forging presses on the cyclical lathe Strugovi Potisje PD-1300/2000 CM.

Apr 21 2016

Retrofit revolving automat PH 65 CNC.

Feb 08 2016

In October 2015 was delivered conventional lathe machine PA35/4000mm  for mine SASA Doo from Macedonia.

Characteristic of the machine are: swing diameter above bed 700 mm, distance between centers 4000

Oct 15 2015
PD 1300/2000

Technical characteristics of the lathe PD 1300/2000mm:
Swing diameter above bed: 1300mm
Distance between centres: 2000mm
The lathe is equipped with:
4 position head "Sauter" - tool turret
4-jaw face plate ɸ 850

Dec 09 2014
Special drilling-unit

Special drilling-unit with its own power mounted on machinensupport - PD2000/6000SM HE Djerdap -

Aug 25 2014

Photo of overhauled machines, before repair and after repair.

Jul 23 2014